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The official speeches from the launch of The Shadowed Throne, given first by the legendary Jack Heath and then by myself. The launch was held at the Co-Op bookshop, as always, on the 10th of April 2013.

An audio trailer for The Griffin's Flight, once again made by the amazing Natalie Van Sistine and her equally talented friends. It gives me chills!

The first speech is from Dr Tony Eaton. The second is from me, K.J.Taylor. I do love speeches.

Me and McCoy

Thomas McCoy is a journalism student, who interviewed me for an assignment.

We got a High Disctinction.

ABC Radio Interview

My interview on ABC Radio. Pretty self-explanatory.

Launch Speeches

Recorded speeches from the August launch of The Dark Griffin. First up is Dr Tony Eaton giving his official launching speech. The second speech is mine. And that's not a glitch in the recording - my voice really did go all wobbly like that. It was a very emotional moment.

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